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SPRING 2021 RETIREMENTSThe time has come to say "Bon Voyage" to 6 Spiritiles...


The time has come to say "Bon Voyage" to 6 Spiritiles...

These 6 Spiritiles will RETIRE on February 19th! You have until Midnight EST 2/19/2021 to get your order in!

Click the images or the Buttons below to start your Spiritile Order

Quick Update on What We’re Up To:

We are still playing catch up from 2020 so we THANK YOU for your continued understanding and patience!! To help with this we are still actively hiring, training and expanding our capabilities. We had everything but the kitchen sink thrown our way in 2020 and from it we have come out stronger, more organized and even more determined to not only meet your expectations but also exceed them! So once again, thank you for hanging in here with us and please be reassured that we are doing everything we can on our end to get you and your collectors Spiritiles out in a timely manner. We hope to be caught up by Summer. In the meantime, please note that the extended lead-times are still in play. We have reworked our scheduling to allow for quicker turn around times, especially on the most popular pieces. With that being said, please take this into account for your inventory needs. You may not need inventory currently but if you are going to need it within the next 8-10 weeks- order now. Again, we hope to cut this lead time down but for now, please plan ahead- we don't want you to be in a bind. However, if you do find yourself in need a Spiritile that you don't have in stock please check the FORUM ! Many partners are having great success swapping between each other for what they need. Drop shipping is still NOT being offered. We will notify you as soon as this is available again. Please make sure to keep checking the partner site for updates! Thank you again for your partnership, your support, your patience and your understanding as we continue to charge forward together spreading positivity, hope, joy, & happiness! GREAT THINGS ARE ON THE HORIZON!!

Get in Touch

Dayna is always here to help answer any questions or help you decide when or what you should order for the upcoming selling season! Contact Us

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