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New Summer Spiritiles!

Just in time for Father's Day....

Two NEW Spiritiles are available as part of the 2023 Summer Breeze collection!

From the Artist: With Father’s Day approaching, my heart overflows with gratitude for my children - for in their treasured (but very loud) presence, they have become my greatest teachers, imparting invaluable lessons that have shaped my soul. Becoming a parent rewrote the script of my life, shifting my dreams from center stage to the wings, as the spotlight now shines on the hopes and dreams I hold for my children's futures. We wish for our children to stride alongside us in life, all while they surpass horizons we never dared to dream - carving their own magnificent path in the world. The days and hours seem endless in their youth, yet a whisper of truth reveals how swiftly the years pass by. In this realization, we are beckoned to halt and immerse ourselves in the allure of life - to slow our pace and walk beside our children, with a heart attuned to the art of pausing, breathing, and surrendering to the enchantment woven within every fleeting moment. Within this tranquility, may we find the courage to soar beyond our own limits by focusing and directing our efforts and attention on what genuinely holds significance. Let us remain conscious of where we invest our energy, stepping back and embracing a slower pace of life; remembering to be present & savor life’s experiences. As we enter the warmth of the Summer, I hope that you will take a Walk with Me; dreaming past the horizon as you catch the Summer Breeze- slowing things down, enjoying the Allure of the day, and focusing in on the things that truly matter. Life is a Balancing Act between dreams and responsibilities, but remember, it is in the daring Leap of faith that dreams find their wings and the realm of possibilities expands - paving the way for the extraordinary to unfold.

277: Walk with Me

278: Allure

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