• How do you hang a Spiritile on a wall?


    I typically use 1.25"  drywall screws..

    The hole in the back is at a slight angle, so the weight will pull it to the wall.

    Ideal Spacing is 2" between tiles. 

    This puts screws at:

     7.25" apart horizontally


    10.5" apart Vertically

    (see How To video)

  • Can you clean enamel?


    Yes!  Enamel is extremely durable.

    Essentially it is glass, so a wet cloth or windex will shine it right back to new!

  • Can I write a note on the back?


    Absolutely!  I do it all the time.  All you need is a Paint Pen


    Two of my favorite bands are "Metallic Sharpie" and PenTouch... but really any will work. 


    Be careful tho!  If the air pressure changes, sometimes they explode

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