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Be confident in yourself. Love will overcome all challenges. Carving new paths ahead. Look for the light and be the light. Practice acceptance. Make peace with yourself and who you are.

ARTIST STATEMENT ABOUT FALL 2022 There’s something special about the fall, when the leaves start to change and cascade to the ground. A chance to refresh and to start again as the crisp air works its way into the breeze. A reminder that change is good- it is refreshing to your body and to your soul. This fall remember to be confident in yourself. Your love for yourself and for others can overcome all challenges; carving new paths as you forge ahead. Look for your light within and in those you encounter. Share your light with the world, make it a little brighter. We are all unique and have so much to offer this world that we live in. When you realize your gift cherish it, embrace it. Be mindful, practice acceptance, spend some time outdoors and let the autumn leaves dance all around you as they fall from the trees. You may find that once you are confident in yourself, everything else in the world seems a little bit lighter and peaceful. This fall I hope you take some time and find your own serenity.

269:Liquid Courage Trust me, you can dance. -C. DuBois View 269

270: Meander Like a river, love will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle. -Crystal Middlemas View 270

271:Radiate There’s always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, If only we’re brave enough to be it. -Amanda Gorman View 271

272: Solace Find peace at home, within yourself then you shall find peace in everything else. -unknown View 272

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