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2021 Holiday Spiritile

Holiday 2021 Spiritile 264: Greatest Gift

As the Holiday Season is now upon us, it is with great pleasure that Houston is announcing the arrival of the 2021 Limited Edition Holiday Spiritile! Spiritile 264: Greatest Gift Gathered around the tree with our loved ones, the children waiting on bated breath for the first gift of the year to be opened; in this time we are reminded of the things that matter most to us. The gathering of our loved ones in the same place, the warmth of their embrace after the distance between visits, the laughter that fills the room as everyone is reminded of the years before. You see, it is not the physical gifts under the tree that are to be celebrated, it is our family, our friends, and the moments that we get to share together. The memories that will last a lifetime, the smells, the music that will forever invoke a memory, solidifying a place in time- bringing you right back to the gatherings and warm hugs of comfort and joy.

After much thought and consideration, things are a little different this year. This is a Limited Edition Spiritile; meaning there is only going to be a Limited Quantity made & shipped to our retail partners. The price of this Spiritile is also slightly higher, so please know your local Houston Llew Retailer IS selling at the correct price. MSRP: $225 These will start arriving at your local retailers this week so give them a call or stop by to say hi! and grab yours while you can! We thank you SO much for your patience and understanding as we have worked tirelessly to be able to bring this Holiday Spiritile to fruition while still working to serve our current collection offerings. We know this has been a challenging year again for everyone and we are looking forward to the bright days ahead for all of us! We appreciate each and every one of you! YOU - our AMAZING collectors - (& our wonderful retail partners we couldn't connect with you without!) keep us pushing through the tough days and weeks- y'all make every challenge we have had to overcome WELL worth the effort! Thank you again for your continued support and business!

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