How to Find Retired Spiritiles 

As all good things must come to an end, so does the life cycle of Spiritiles. 

When the time comes for a Spiritile to be retired, we encourage our Retail Partners to stock up on inventory so they will be able to offer their collectors access to them; well, at least a couple of them. 

We always announce the retirements that are coming at least a month in advanced so collectors have the opportunity to grab one before they are locked away in the Spritile vault forever! 

Once, any retirement inventory that your local Retail Partner stocked is depleted; they have access to our Partner Only Retirement Forum, in which they are able to connect with other Houston Llew Partners to find Spiritiles that you, the collector, may be looking for!

This has proven to be a phenomenal resource for all of the hard to find Spiritiles!

So, if you find that you are longing to add a retired Spiritile or two to your collection, reach out to your local retailer and ask them to help!

They have access to both the current retail price and where (if)  they can find one !