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SeaMate (Lobby Size)

SeaMate (Lobby Size)

9' x 6' Mosaic based on the 222: Sea Mate Spiritile

  • Details

    Measures approximately 7feet tall. 

    It's ships rather easily.  4 large mosaic panel that are assembled together on site by your local gallery.  Each "panel" is made up of dozens of individually fired pieces, that when everythign is assembled together becomes a blown up version of SeaMate.

    Made to order

  • Artist Statement

    So... after doing "The Davita Project" I had about 47 ideas on how to make it easier to ship & install.  I decided that we needed a giant lobby piece of art for our studio walls.  I took a vote from my coworkers and this was unianimously the design that was requested to "blow up".  Although it's not quite as easy as it might sound.  The entire design had to be reworked yet again.  But with knowledge aquired from Spiritiles, Master SeaMate, and "The Heart of DaVita"... it all came together surprisingly well.

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