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Sea Mate (25x17) Shadow Frame

Sea Mate (25x17) Shadow Frame

This is a piece from a limited series called "Master Series"

Like the popular Spiritile, but bigger!

  • Details

    "Seamate 25x17" measures 25" x 17"

    With a black floating framed milled by the artist.

  • Artist Statement

    SeaMate just seemed like a natural fit to try to make larger.  Although a popular Spiritile, this was exteremely challenging.  Everythind had to be rethought and my stenciling techniques had to be completely redone.  It took quite a few scraps and "whoops"  to get one that even looked close to similar, which was surprising given I was already familiar with the reactions of these glass together.

    I only made a few of these, simply because it's a recreation of a smaller work of mine.  But I really wanted to play with that new "MegaKiln".

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