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This is a piece from a limited series called "Master Series"

There are a few color variations:  Red & Pink leaves.

  • Details

    "Sakura" measures 25" x 17"

    With a black floating framed milled by the artist.

  • Artist Statement

    Sakura is about aging and appreciating your surroundings..  As an experiment water & sky textures.  I find myself lost in the sunset... I metaphorically encourage you to look past the subject matter and into the beyond.  Beautiful work all around us, and it's not always what we pay attention to.

    Somewhere along my journey other enamelist dubbed me a "master enamelist" haha.  Kinda funny to me.  But that's where the arrogant title of the series orginiated, kind of a joke.  I think my style of art is crude and free flowing and awesome!

    But notice that the piece is fired all at once (and not collaged together)?!  That's pretty new tech for me.  

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