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Ride Brilliantly All Day v2

Ride Brilliantly All Day v2

There is a story enameled along the bottom:

"I thought of that while riding my bicyle - Albert Einstein"


Part of a series of Brilliant Rides, each variation of this piece has a different color background.

  • Details

    "Ride Brilliantly All Day" measures 44"x24"x2" when hung on a wall.  Roughly the size of a 50" Television set.

    It is floated off the wall approximately 1.5"

  • Artist Statement

    In the quote by Einstein, he is referring to the Theory of Relativity.

    Brilliant Ride was a fan favorite Spiritile all the way up until it's retirement.  

    On summer trips to see my buddy Brian at Raitman Art Gallery, we've had lots of epiphonies while mountain biking all day.  The longer the day goes on, the differnt filters we see them thru.


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