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Ms. Lauren

Ms. Lauren

Details and Dimensions:
Made by hand with USA-sourced copper and glass enamel.
24"W x 14"H x 2"D
Gallery Wrap, 1.5" Floating Wood Mount 


In the lore of maritime tradition, sailors reference all ships as a 'she,' considering their vessel a haven of safety in what Melville calls the 'landlessness of sea.' The boat is a divine force, able to bring forth or withhold the fruits of open water. When christening a new vessel, the captain would often inscribe the name of a close female - a wife, a mother - as a symbol of the loved ones back home. Emblazoning a familiar name into the ship engraved their spirit into each voyage, reminding the sailors of those personal anchors on land. Thus, wherever the ship would travel, it would carry the love of those left behind, sail forth with the luck of calmer waters, and set sights on finding success in the journey so its sailors could return swiftly to welcoming arms.

  • **Color Variations**


    (It is a noteworthy characteristic of vitreous enamel works) 

    **These photos are only representations of the Artwork; each piece will be unique.

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