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Idyll Lake

Idyll Lake

This is a limited edition, piece that is only available through Raitman Art Galleries.

The edition size is only 25

The beautiful shimmer of the water and the purple sky mix with mountain majesty and the serenity of the canoes to evoke a peaceful feeling. The frame is one of a kind and made by Houston by firing copper than dunking the hot metal into a tub of ice to create a beautiful organic pattern. The piece is wired and ready to hang on your wall.



  • Details & Dimensions

    "Idyll Lake" measures 21.5" tall by 14" wide. 

  • Artist Statement

    I love this piece.  It's actaully two seperate pieces put together.  It's really tricky to get both pieces to matchup, since they are fired individually.  The first ones were VERY difficult. 

    *Post Note:  I think Brian has ONE left

    After finishing this series, I started working with a kiln manufacturer who has delierved me a larger kiln!    Hmmm... bigger?!?

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