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247 - Piece Of Me

247 - Piece Of Me

"Piece of the puzzle you're my missing part Oh, what can you do with a sentimental heart?" - She & Him

  • Artist Statement


    Life is made up of many interlocking pieces. Our earliest childhood memories, a moment in school when a tough lesson suddenly became clear, great adventures with family and friends, realizing our talents and desires in a career we love - all these and many more fit together to create our personal and unique puzzle. Often, one special piece joins it all together to complete the image. When that one special piece, that one special someone fits into our intricate puzzle, all of the pieces intertwine, and the big picture becomes strong and clear. Houston says that no matter the day to day ups and downs in his life, his wife is always that final puzzle piece bringing his whole world together.

  • Details & Dimensions

    Release Date: January 28, 2020

    Retirement Date: January 31, 2022

    Collection: Spring 2020

    Made by hand with USA-sourced copper, glass enamel, and a custom wood box frame.

    - akin to the size of a novel.

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