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153 - Miracle

153 - Miracle

"When you need a miracle, just look at your child and realize you created one." - Unknown

  • Artist Statement

    A statement by Houston's mom: "As Houston’s mom, I have to admit that nothing … and I mean nothing… prepared me for what I experienced the moment I gazed at that rosy, squishy, blanket-wrapped bundle and realized that I had given life to an intensely beautiful and creative soul. How did I know it? Let’s call it maternal instinct. Though obvious to me from the start, I had no inkling that my lil bundle would take it so far. The miracle of giving life is one that transcends any other peak experience. It was a primal force that brought utter joy when he snuggled down in my 3 AM arms, that brought a grin when a stray building block impaled itself under my bare foot, that made his gift of a randomly selected pebble worth more to me than all the jewels at Tiffany’s. Along with this miracle of life itself came the miracle of giving myself over totally and completely to his lifelong endeavor. Moms never give up! I have walked beside Houston through the peaks and valleys of his artistic journey. Yes, admittedly, I was a few steps behind at times and just trying to keep up, but what a wondrous path it is. Early on, I watched him try and and try and try and then yes! he came upon the magic of Spiritiles. Since that first very miraculous moment, he has touched more lives and spread more light and levity than I ever thought possible. And now, as we all need one big miracle to bring us back together again - with warm embraces, the touch and togetherness we so long for - I realize that Miracle holds that very special spirit. It is the one of a mother who looks at her child and instinctively sees the bright, bold future. It is the one that never ever gives up!"

  • Details & Dimensions

    Release Date: April 28, 2014

    Made by hand with USA-sourced copper, glass enamel, and a custom wood box frame.


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