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123 - Fine Craft

123 - Fine Craft

"Most of the great men of the past were only there for the beer." - A.J.P. Taylor

  • Artist Statement

    Dreams are made of this: The cool, tall glass of amber bubbles, reflecting sunlight with a sip and bringing a smile to the lips on the edge of the pint. Stories told over ale, stories made over lager, a drink spanning millennia with every intention of sticking around until the end of time. There's no going back now: beer and its glorious penchant for defining a festive gathering are here to stay.

  • Details & Dimensions

    Release Date: May 17, 2012

    Retirement Date: January 1, 2017

    Collection: Summer Refreshments 2012

    Made by hand with USA-sourced copper, glass enamel, and a custom wood box frame.

    - akin to the size of a novel.

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