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032 - BZZZ

032 - BZZZ

"You are my honey. I am the bee."

- Albert H. Fitz

  • Artist Statement

    This may be a simple, calming piece, but the honeycomb pattern-work has always delighted me. This natural geometric creation is at once connecting and pulling away, hexagonal building blocks of individuality pieced together to make a whole. In this way, what we do alone is only the first foundation, that initial hexagonal piece, and what we do when together with the one we love becomes honey.

  • Details & Dimensions

    Release Date: July 1, 2009

    Retirement Date: January 1, 2014

    Collection: Fall 2009

    Made by hand with USA-sourced copper, glass enamel, and a custom wood box frame.

    - akin to the size of a novel.

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