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015 - The Rose

015 - The Rose

"That love is all there is is all we know of love."

- Emily Dickinson

  • Artist Statement

    Going back centuries, countless poems and prose dedicate famous lines to this delicate, vibrant flower. It is the household name of all things floral, known the world over for its trademark on love. When we think of love's beauty, we must also account for its fragility, and in so doing The Rose reflects a haze of impermanence within the petals and encases the stem with antique brilliance.

  • Details & Dimensions

    Release Date: January 5, 2009

    Retirement Date: July 1, 2013

    Collection: Spring 2009

    Made by hand with USA-sourced copper, glass enamel, and a custom wood box frame.

    - akin to the size of a novel.

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