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Finding Retired Pieces

Dear Collectors,

Once a piece is retired, it will never be made again.  I am always focusing on What's Next and very rarely looking back.  Honestly, I'm so rusty on most the retired tiles, I don't even recall what the story says on them.   Sometimes I'll revamp an idea or concept, but it will be twisted and molded into something new entirely; in my opinion the current collection is "better than all that came before it" 


But after speaking with countless collectors, and partners- there is a desire for some of the classics.  (I am very grateful for this!!).  And also there has been some frustrations trying to find some of those older pieces.  So, I've been working on ways to make your collector experience even better!

We've all come together and created a way to help you find the best quality pieces possible.  My retail partners now have access to each other's retired inventory & are incentivized to work together to help you.  They can assist you in locating pieces that are available nationwide.


So, if you're looking for a piece I've made in the past, your local retail partner has the ability to track it down and acquire it for you... if it can be found.

Thank you for collecting my work!


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