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The water lily is regarded as a symbol of Enlightenment because of the beautiful bloom that emerges from the mud or from the water.

As many water lilies close their flowers at night and reopen in the morning at first sunlight they are also viewed as a symbol of rebirth and purity of heart. 


Enlightenment can be hung as a singular piece or as a grouping, bringing a piece of serenity into your home. 


The multi-directional floating wall mount frame allows for the pieces to hang in any direction you so choose. So, with multiple pieces you can design and create your very own lily pond! 



Details and Dimensions:
Made by hand with USA-sourced copper and glass enamel.
15"W x 15"H x 2"D
Gallery Wrap, 1.5" Floating Wood Mount 



  • Artist Statement

    Water Lilies are awesome- as they open and close each day, it's a reminder that each day brings new opportunity! 

    I've modified the frame on this piece to rotate and be hung any way you desire. They even fit together so you are able to use multiple panels to create your very own "pond"! 

     Put 4 together and it's an entirely different piece.


  • **Color Variations**


    (It is a noteworthy characteristic of vitreous enamel works) 

    **These photos are only representations of the Artwork; each piece will be unique.

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