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Re-Releasing Snow Days (for one week only!)

In honor of the impending snowstorm here in Atlanta, we're making our own snow this week and bringing back Snow Days! Contact your gallery to order by Sunday before it is gone (again)!

Spring Collection 2014

It may be cold and snowy, but our minds are on springtime, muddy rain boots, budding flowers, and digging up a little dirt to plant seeds for a new year. These pieces bring out a spirit of fun in the sun, even as we sit by our space heaters in January!

Want some Spring in your life right about now? We thought so. These Spiritiles are available to order from your gallery today!

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Art on a Whim - new Spiritile gallery space in Vail, Colorado!

One of our biggest Spiritile galleries - Art on a Whim in Breckenridge, CO - has opened a new space in Vail in time for the winter ski season! Located on 227 Bridge Street, the gallery is easily walkable (100 yards) from the base, and includes the entire current collection of Spiritiles, as well as the exclusive Mountain Triptych that Houston made for the Rocky Mountain gallery.

Three generations of vitreous enameling artworks are showcased in the Vail gallery, including master enamelist Craig Ruwe and his friend and student Zingaro, who is Houston's mentor in the medium. Houston will be flying out to Vail for a gallery show with Art on a Whim on January 24th and 25th to sign tiles and visit winter travelers!

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